Why pay when we are giving it away?
Your live musical theatre performance filmed
and uploaded ready for your showreel!

Every Thursday 8.30pm at The Phoenix Arts Club

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Follow these easy steps:

1) First choose a song which will highlight your strengths. Make sure it is no longer than 4 mins (we haven't time for Gethsemane or Billy's Soliloquy!)
2) UPDATE From and To dates to include the period you wish to search. Choose BOOKABLE ITEM. And press SEARCH to search for free slots.
3) Choose a slot
4) Enter your name, email and importantly mobile number. We will be texting you to make sure you are coming as the slots are so precious!
5) Tell us the name of your song and the musical it comes from, or the writer - we want to make sure we've got the right one!
6) Let us know if you have changed the key of the song from the original key. If you haven't changed anything you can leave that blank
7) Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your slot
8) Don't book every week! Spread out your gorgeousness and give everyone a chance!
9) That's it - see you in front of the live audience and camera

A few Terms and Conditions:
By completing this form you have consented to being filmed, having your video uploaded to YouTube and this website for public view, and your contribution possibly being used to market Showreel Live. Ownership of the clip remains with Showreel Live although we are very happy for you to share it far and wide!
If you do need to cancel, please do this at least 48 hours before the event so we can release your time slot

The best way to contact us is via our Facebook account at:
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